Side Walls


ShedFast Shed Kits are engineered to include enclosed side walls if desired. This way you can add as many wall sheets as you want, to either partially enclose or completely enclose each side as needed. We customised the side wall height of your shed kit to suit your requirement. Shedfast Side Walls use genuine Colorbond® sheeting and flashing.

Choose your side wall coverage

One wall enclosed @ 2.28m

Two walls enclosed @ 2.28m

click on image to enlarge

Standard side walls cover for 4.5m wall height

Two walls enclosed @ 4.5m

Two walls enclosed @ 3.0m

Even Sheet Wall Heights *
  • 2.28m – 4 x Additional Wall Sheets

  • 3.04m – 6 x Additional Wall Sheets

  • 3.80m – 8 x Additional Wall Sheets

  • 4.50m – 10 x Additional Wall Sheets

*both sides filled, halve quantity for one side